02. Raised by Puritans



Rob Atkinson (music alias: Raised by Puritans) demonstrates a cool and seemingly effortless ability to transcend genre-defined boundaries in music. His tracks guide you along a route of shifting textures, where harmonic exploration, lyricism and steady beats weave into one another to form something really special.

Finding the right location for my shoot with Rob was important. We wanted to match image and sound, and this can sometimes prove challenging.

Rob’s visual references for the shoot played a huge role in us deciding how things would eventually go down during the session. We chose to shoot at night - having decided on an eerie, murky look - and from the outset Rob had a clear concept for how he would dress, look and present himself:

Monotone clothes, leather jacket, hollowed-out make-up, deadpan expression.

No frills or pretence. Merely the core thing executed with precision.

Just like Rob’s music.

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