08. Conscious Supper Club

Private Event
Wehrmühle Biesenthal

At the bottom of a narrow country road in Biesenthal, Brandenburg, lies a unexpected feature in the landscape: Wehrmühle, which is home to Art Biesenthal every July. But depending upon which side you approach Wehrmühle, you might be convinced it is either a rural villa or a modern art gallery.

Actually, it’s both.

Like many old buildings in Germany, Wehrmühle has a history speckled with war and expropriation. It was built in 1870 but later converted into a villa by a Jewish entrepreneur in 1907. During the Third Reich it was transferred to a German family and then covered under a huge camourflage net so the Wehrmacht could repair vehicles nearby. During the time of the DDR, the building was converted into smaller apartments and the grounds were used to breed horses.

Today, Wehrmühle has a new life as a centre of the arts outisde of Berlin. Its re-design, which started in 2003, kept in tact the stucco façade of the 1907 conversion. But from the north side of the property, Wehrmühle is completely renovated. A clean, white exterior and massive glass windows overlook the gardens. Its architecture is a hybrid; combining the history of the original building with fresh, modern design.

This characteristic makes Wehrmühle an apt setting for Tim Seifert‘s social event series, The Conscious Supper Club, in which a mix of unexpected people, not styles, come together to make something equally refreshing. Tim is a career and life coach based in Berlin. His concept is simple but meaningful: to connect people who might not typically cross paths in the city.

At The Conscious Supper Club, guests are encouraged to dig deeper when engaging in conversation, and to go beyond the kind of surface-level interactions that routinely occur at social events. Here, Tim applies equally his knowledge of coaching and his natural people skills. His task is to bring people together and to encourage openness.

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